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Guardians of the Gal-Egg-Xy

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Here's a little short story with a twist! Hope y'all like it! 😁

The golden galaxy eggs hopped around gleefully, prancing around as if rehearsing a jazz routine for Strictly Egg Dancing- a popular show amongst the fellow gal-egg-xians. Guarding every inch of their precious swirly chocolate galaxy, the golden galaxy guardians (also known as the ‘GGG’s’) fulfilled their duties with immense pride and gratitude as their shiny uniforms glared brightly amongst the crazy world of EggZania.

In this mind boggling galaxy, colourful mini egg planets lay restlessly, eager to play and burst into a carnival fiesta. Cha, cha, cha-cha, cha! These mini egg planets whispered and played pranks amongst each other, up to no good as usual, sniggering away as they dared one another. One mini egg, Cheeky Charlie, dared its fellow companion, Specky Simon, to pour chocolate sauce over a GGG’s shiny bald head. Another dare was to scare Inspector Gregory, and pretend a ghost had come to haunt him, “Ooooo-ooo, Inspector Gregory, I am watching you beneath the grave. Mwa-ha-ha-haaa!”. As they ran away cackling, poor Inspector Gregory would be left frightened to death, watching his back every so often. Some of these mini eggs would get caught and given a warning, but most of the time they escaped with ease. These pranks really had some of them but it did brighten up EggZania and entertained most of the gal-egg-xians as some witnessed the pranks and burst into laughter whilst hopping by.

One unfortunate day, however, paused the cheery and bubbling atmosphere of EggZania as an evil storm erupted, causing chaos and confusion amongst the members of EggZania. It was a storm which had never been seen before. Thick, creamy, white chocolate smog polluted the lovely chocolate brownie smelling ambience of EggZania, slowly crawling through destroying the homes of many. The smog was so intense, its powerful rotten egg scent was enough to destroy crop and fresh produce growing in EggZania. Along with the smog, was a vicious gust of wind swirling through the galaxy, specks of dark chocolate ash being hurled through the air with it, making it difficult to see. Thunder and lightning suddenly boomed across the galaxy, angrily making its mark as each thud grew louder and more frequent. Piping hot, gooey chocolate lightning struck everywhere, eventually wiping all electricity that was left. EggZania soon became a dark, gloomy, almost sinister place to live. Not a single movement or whisper could be heard. The once colourful mini egg planets, started to turn scaly and their shells started to show age and slowly crack. Like fireworks that lit up the sky, now turned into burnt coal that fizzed into a dark sleep. Lifeless. No pranks, no jokes, no laughter.

For five days the storm went on and the GGG’s and fellow gal-egg-xians had no energy to get EggZania back on its feet or where to begin. Troops from other galaxies came to help- Cadbury Oreo eggs, Cadbury Crème Eggs and Cadbury Twirl from Cadbury Land. Maltesers and Smarties also came to help and once enemies- Quality Street- came to lend a hand and their bitter friendship turned into gold. With the enormous support, EggZania was soon bubbling again and the hustle and bustle of this swirly whirly chocolate galaxy was a triumphant delight!

The end.

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