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Mini Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecakes Poem (Bounce Bounce, Boing Boing)

Spongy, creamy cheesecake

Squish squish squish

Like a bouncy castle,

Swirly strawberry sizzlers

Whizz around playfully

Bounce bounce


Like fireworks lighting up the circus

Performing breath-taking trapeze acts

Until finally making a sweet landing

On the Land of Digestives

Crumbly at bits

But semi-sweet to the eyes of the audience

It’s next act

Ushered into a flame of rings

Passing each hoop with feisty power

Overcoming obstacles

Breaking barriers

Until time is up and the oven has now fallen silent

Half of its mission now accomplished

Celebrating its success

With a burst of rich chocolate ganache

Satisfying each and every layer of skin

Happiness flourishes

Skin deep

Smiles frozen, chilled to the bone

But with time, awoken by a pleasant surprise

Sweet red kisses,

Strawberry in flavour

Sitting and smiling enormously

Clapping with joy

The final showstopper

Proves to be a delight

As the grand performance

Comes to a delightful end.

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1 Comment

Aroosa Hashmi
Aroosa Hashmi
Oct 14, 2019

Mmmm these look so good! :)

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