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Heyyy folksss! This is Zeelicious Bakes at your service and I welcome you all to my humble abode *inserts cool sunglasses emoji*. Now, this is the part where I tell you all a few details about me but I'll spare you the lengthy essay because one can talk/type for hours, so instead, how about you all gradually get to know me through my posts! We'll take it baby steps each time. Great idea right?!  

I thought I would use this platform as a way to showcase my creativity through my passion of baking and writing with a hint of science. It makes for a perfect delicious fusion of all things scientifically sweet! Ah the irony, I hear you chuckle. I'm not even sure if that previous sentence makes sense, but hey, let's keep it moving folks! ;) I'm no professional and I'm still learning as I go along but I hope, to whoever reads my posts, that you enjoy them and I hope that it  brightens up your day in some sort of way (ohh got a little rhyming thing going on there hehe). 


Happy reading and happy baking! :D

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