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Beetroot and Chocolate Brownie Poem

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The glistening moonlight woke up the night sky

Its silver grey lining grew into a yellow cream shade

Shining luminously

Awakening the stars in its presence

With a smooth vanilla essence

Erupting over the city like a frosty volcano

The power of the night sky now unlocked

Snowflakes falling

Leaving white icy ashes on the surface

A sweet imprint

Like a layer of pixie dust admiring the magical winter blues

Scattered blissfully on the warm red velvet cushion

Oozing life back into the souls of the city wanderers

The deep beetroot colour

Spreading love and comfort

Whilst the moonlight begins to slowly seep through the cracks

Of the warm red velvet cushion

Gently stroking the nights taste buds

To a sound and peaceful sleep

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