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Chocolate & Coconut Souffles Are Falling Down...

..falling down falling down. Da dada da da da da, da..da dada

🔔 *bells chime* 🔔

Sooo, I saw this bake on a BBC1 programme called ‘Eat Well For Less’ and I thought to myself this looks surprisingly easy -lemme give this a go! I found the recipe on ‘Happy Foodie’ and away I went. However, it didn’t quite turn out how I expected it to be. Was so excited to see it erupt into a bubbling chocolate volcano. You know. That perfect, succulent, warm chocolate ooze that comes spilling out. But sadly, to my disappointment, this didn’t happen. *sheds a few tears* 😢

What went wrong exactly, I do not know because I’m pretty sure I followed the recipe to the tea?! But despite my best efforts, I did notice however, that what was meant to be a “batter”, it was more of a runny mixture, like a smooth sloppy mixture that literally ran of the wooden spoon. Ermmm, yeah...I’m 100% certain that’s not the look this recipe was going for. *mini tears have now escalated into a fountain of gushing water* 😭 (sings, Cry Me A Riiiverr- JT's got my back here).

But what to do, I still had to carry on with this mission and see it until the end. The recipe itself is very easy to follow and doesn’t take long to combine at all. After spooning the sloppy mixture into ramekins and placing them into the oven, the rest was a waiting game. Tick tock, tick tock. Eyeing up the oven every so often to witness the extravagant rising of the cake- which, in this case, did not happen. Why?! I will never know. However, after being in the oven for long enough now, maybe a tad bit tooo long, the cake turned out to be overdone inside and so wasn’t soft and squidgy like it is in the restaurants. Also, the main 5* eye-popping highlight didn’t occur (boohoo). It does look attractive to the eye, even though it didn’t rise but that’s alright- one positive point ay! 👍

I gave it a shot but better luck next time I say!

The end.

This recipe can be found on Happy Foodie -->

Side note: If any of you do try it out, I would love to see your creations and hear how you got on! Any story times then feel free to comment below! 😉

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